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The Solution for Network Access Control

The Solution for Network Access Control

In choosing the right solution for network access control, there lies the responsibility of the IT manager.  The first and the most important task perhaps is the need to consider is the objective of why an access control deployment is needed in the first place as well as what level of security should be deemed and the manageability being preferred.

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Ways and Means for Data Protection

Ways and Means for Data Protection

Any user may find replacing the PC unit burdensome, especially it the reason is theft or simply because the unit is busted. This has a huge effect on the side of entertainment as well. But if the PC is properly protected, the personal data will be secured at all times.


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The Simplest Data Security Tips

The Simplest Data Security Tips

Running a website is very prone to hacking. Those relevant and important information can fall into the wrong hands if there is a lack of security. Being lenient when it comes to security is like leaving the valuables outside of the premises just to be stolen anytime of the day.

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