Ways and Means for Data Protection

Ways and Means for Data Protection

Any user may find replacing the PC unit burdensome, especially it the reason is theft or simply because the unit is busted. This has a huge effect on the side of entertainment as well. But if the PC is properly protected, the personal data will be secured at all times.


Photo from http://www.patriciaturner.co.uk/data_protection.html

But how can someone be ahead when it comes to data protection and also hacking prevention?

  1. Do not expose the valuables. Through security suit of anti- virus is working just fine, being vigilant does not stop there. The best way perhaps is not having sensitive data stored in PC.
  2. Do not entrust files in the recycle bin. Ensure that when a data is no longer needed, simply skip the recycle bin.
  3. Always encrypt. Keeping data that are encrypted in an external storage is actually a safer mean to protect the data.

A modern PC is not limited to being used only for business, it also serves as a source of entertainment. This may refer to the games being downloaded, to videos that can be watched outline or generally speaking, the internet itself as a whole.


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